L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

Bakuryu's Diary - December 6, 2009

Gameplay Summary

Having arrived in the Jade Palace, having met Kuzuma, I headed to the Scorpion Consolate and met with Moshi Suma where I was debriefed. I ratted out the Dragon for holding us hostage during our travels. I ratted out the Unicorn for way-laying me on the highway twice. I informed them about the incident with Niechiwai and the Snake Clan. I informed them of what I knew about the goings on in Tortoise Clan holdings (though ooc I can’t really remember). I did not mention that the Phoenix lost the scroll. I also did not mention the Ronin. We have gotten word that there was a coup at Tortoise Clan holdings, which apparently Kazambai knows a bit about.

We headed north from the Emerald Champion’s palace to Crane lands, Hotsuma staying behind to deal with some business. We meet with a subordinate: Kaiu Jun. Moto Teijo is the head of a collaboration of imperial engineers at the palace. When Hotsuma arrived, he had changed his outfit: he wore brown with jade trimmings, an imperial mon. He had cut his hair shorter. Things between he and Ayame are… rocky.

We have imperial sanction to ride horses upon the roads. Cultural note: it is illegal to ride horses on the roads without that sanction.

NEW XP RULE: standard 6 points per session until further notice.



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