L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

Matsu Kana Journal November

Of course Ryuutsume‘s fall causes a little stir among my companions. Kakita Hotsuma shows his ussual disdain for any decision I make. At least by now we are more or less dismissive of each other instead of talking politely behind clenched teeth. Kuni Kazuma offers to carry him, and I decline. I believe the Kuni thinks that he is the best at everything. Sure, he is large for a shugenja, but he lacks dicipline. A litter is made, and I drag the ronin to the Kaiu Wall.
I am glad I lived long enough to witness this. An engineering marvel, manned by warriors ready to respond at a moments notice. Much of the empire will tell you the Crab are nothing more than brutes and savages. Well if that is true, then these savages take their oaths very seriously. Walking the wall I have the opportunity to study some Hida beserkers. Though our teachings differ there is at least a bit of similar thought in our attacks. Though I see far more energy being used than is necessary, they train with an enthusiasm I find refreshing. My studies are disturbed when I hear the clear sound of a forge being worked. Though I find the practices of other clans interesting, the forge calls to my spirit. While there I meet Master Tsu. A finer weaponsmith I have yet to meet, and I have meet many fine crafters in my travels. It is nice to work with a fellow weaponsmith. It is even better to be given the oppurtunity to study under a master.
The night has grown long and I head back to my quarters, preparing to wash the stink of the forge off of me. Bayushi Bakuryu asks to see me on the wall after I have checked in on the ronin. Though our viewpoints are drastically different, Bakuryu is the closest thing I could call a friend. Esspecially these days. He asks me to hold onto his Crystal sword and jade clip. I know his blade was given to him, and he does not let it go lightly. It is then that some more Scorpion join us on the wall and move to flank him. Though no weapons are drawn, I can feel the tension in the air. I ask Bakuryu if this is of his own free will. His response is one of acceptance. “It is. They do what they feel they must.” If he had wanted it, I would have cut them all down. Consequences be damned. It’s at that moment I realize that I am a poor friend. Bakuryu is probably still injured from our fight in Toshi Ranbo, where we fought the shadow beings. A shugenja steps forward to inspect the items Bakuryu has given me. At a nod from Bakuryu I hold out his blade and clip to be inspected. He declares bothe of them “pure”. With that they depart, and I wonder if I did the right thing.
Watching Bakuryu’s group depart footsteps rapidly close on me from behind. Already weary with todays events, I turn warily to the newcommers. “My lord, is everything alright?” “Yes,” I respond, “Simply different clans with different customs.” It is then that I notice their mon is not Crab but Tortoise. I bow to the four of them. “We feared we would not find you in time.” Just like Somesai Dai to get the last word in before a dangerous mission. She would send out runners with a letter. “We are here to serve as your Yojimbo.” At this point I break down into tears laughing. Gatering my wits I explain to the Tortoise before me that it is not their ability that makes me laugh, but the intent behind it. He seems to take no offence. It seems my last letter was a little over dramatic and she sent out over two dozen warriors in different directions to find and protect me. I have said before that my words have gotten me in trouble before. Protection? HA! Yojimbo? Ha! What does my lady take me for, a Phoenix in need of a defender? I am a Matsu. A tool to be used against the enemies of my Emperor. I explain that I believe the Lady has perhaps overstated my importance. Seeing the looks on their faces I understand they are follwing the orders of their Champion and Daiymo. Little I say would dissude them. I share a cup of saki with them and tell them that tommorow will be the time to get to know each other. This should be… interesting.



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