L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

Matsu Kana's Journal February

Our meeting with the giants of the wall over, I feel it is more than past time for me to check up on Bayushi Bakuryu . From the crane we have been told that he will be well enough to travel by the time we have to set out. I ask to see him, and from the Scorpion I learn nothing.

I fear the stress of meeting the Scorpion clan face to face may have been more than my young yojimbo was prepared for. Once again, I am told how I differ from the rest of my clan. Fitting, as I am soon to be tortoise, if I return sane from the Shadowlands. This seems to be highly unlikely, but dwelling on it will only make things worse.

I owe a debt of grattitude to Master Tsu. With his help I was able to finish my gift to Tek’Tatsuzo Ikrit in only two days. It is something I would not have been able to do anywhere else in the Empire. Easy access to supplies and parts, a master smith to aid me. They are not as detailed as I would like, but they are complete and functional. I will name them before I give them to Ikrit.

I wanted to give Ryuutsume some time. He seemed a little shaken by his time with the memories of my blade. I will talk to him, but if it can be helped, I do not wish to frighten him.

Bayushi Bakuryu greets me at the forge as Master Tsu and I are finishing the gift for Ikrit. He is much weaker than I have ever seen him. He asks for his blade and clip back, which I return to him. It is obvious that the cleansing of his wound has taken it’s toll on his body, and I am glad that his will is strong enough for the fight.

Well tommorow we depart for the shadowlands, for better or ill, I fear it will leave it’s mark on me the rest of my days.



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