L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

Matsu Kana's Journal - July

Somedays are simple and straight forward, others are not. Crossing the mountain range on our way to the Wall, we were attacked. In our dreams. Honestly. I may be a jade magistrate, but I have always seen that posting as a way to open door in our quest to find the rings. Or in a lesser case, to offer a sword arm to the other magistrates who are far more adept in jade dealings. Our escort of Crane warriors and some of our party were asleep and would not wake. Many things happened in short order,the most important being Kazanbi ordered the gathering of those that could not wake together. Feeling a little ineffectual I lead the Crane into the builing of fortifications. Kazanbai then states he believes we need to enter the dream. When I asked him why he said he believed we could help those trapped inside the dream only from the dream. I disagreed, but I didn’t have an alternative, so we agreed to proceed. Kazanbai instructed us to meditate and he would guide us in. I warned Kazanabi that meditating to find a peaceful center is difficult for me in the calmest of times, I could only guess as to my ability under duress. I felt Kazanbai strain to pull me into the dream. Once into the dream I see Bakuryu standing over me striking out at snakes that have attached to me. I see the ronnin grab a fistful of the snakes and try to pull them out to no effect. Kakita Hotsuma is firing his bow, which glows when he draws it back. He has taken to his bow more often. Perhaps he is trying to become a better balanced warrior. Kazuma is wielding Hotsuma blade when he is knocked into the air from a creature erupting from the ground. It is composed of many of the snakes attacking us. I thought at this point I could free myself from the snakes feeding on me or I could attack that which seemed to be a focus. I charged the creature (Kazanabi would later tell what it was called, but that name escapes me right now) and attacked as a son of Matsu. Kazanbai collapses. I can only assume he is once a gain fighting a battle I cannot witness. Hotsuma releases a shot from his bow that explodes the creature all over me. The creature is defeated, Now we just have to return to the waking world.

On a personal note I spoke with Kazanabi about creating a staff with him and I swallowed my pride and asked Hotsuma to help me with my Iajitsu.



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