L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

Matsu Kana's Journal - May

Some days are simple and straight forward. There are enemies of the Emperor before you, and nothing to stand between you and righteously cutting them down. Our group may be a jumpy bunch, but you could hardly blame us after all that’s happened since we were called together. The days events went much like they have in the past. Most of us justtrying not to go stir crazy without getting into the crew’s way. That night I’m awoken by more activity on the deck than is normal for an average night. I rise and find out a trader vessel is signalling our’s and it wants to talk. Immeadiately my hackles are raised. This has been a favorite ruse of the forces arrayed against us. I ask Kazuma to rouse the rest of our group. Better to play it safe than dead. It seems Kakita Hotsuma shares my apprehension. We ask Kazanbai to protect our vessel while Hotsuma, Kazuma and I investigate thier claims of an injured captain. The injury is true, as is the identity of the captain. Apparentlyy a trusted friend of our own captain. The real face of the situation is revealed when Kazuma heals the injured captain and his first mate panics. A trap. Ha! We were prepared for this. I’m allowed to cut down the pirates like the undeserving men they are. Hotsum works on his Bow from over my shoulder. I don’t recall what part Kazuma played in the combat, but to be fair myattentionwas happily directed elsewhere. Kazanbai ordered the crew into the hold forming a choke point. Tactically done! With his magics and the crews arms not a single injury is sustained by our own side while the pirates are wiped out. Despite the chance I gave them to surrender. Ikrit warns the crew of an approaching terror. Tentacles erupt for the water, grabing men and ships. The captain uses a milky sphere to blow a strong wind directly into the sail and we leave the beast behind. Perhaps an Oni of some kind. Perhaps also responsible for some of the destruction in the harbor city a day past. Kakita Hotsuma is preparing reports to send off when we reach land. He and I saw eye to eye today. Funny how a common enemy causes us to put aside our bickering.

There is probably comming a day where I will have to face up to those of political sway my less than normal attitude towards the Nezumi. They are not samurai, and should therefore not be held up to the same ideals. They have however fought to protect people that despise them. And have twice now come to the groups aid without being asked. Hunting and killing Oni to protect others? THAT is noble. I will have to speak with my Daimyo before my upcomming nuptials. I may indeed end up being known as Somesai Kana.



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