L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

Matsu Kana's Journal - October 2010

We find ourselves reunited once more. Personally I had training that needed to be done, and my Sensei was gracious in her harsh training. Bakuryu and I are not seeing eye to eye as of late, but perhaps even more concerning is that I seem to be getting along with Kakita Hotsuma. Interesting to saythe least. The man who was Isawa Akira is now called Kazanbai, and he cast some sort of spell to purge himself of the taint. My first reaction to this rash act was one of anger and distust. Kazanbai has pulled away from us, and has said little to me in months. Master Tomorai Ryoko explained to myself and Kakita Hotsuma was this spell was and the intent behind it. Though I am still unsure about the condition of Kazanabi’s soul, I will be willing to allow another the time to attone for his mistakes. After all, I’ve been given that chance.
Well, we’ve selected the next ring. We are going after the Earth Ring. In the Shadowlands. In Fu Leng’s tower no less. I don’t care for the location of this one, but I know my duty. My one fleeting hope is that I will be able to face Neichiwei No Oni, and keep a promise to a fallen comrade. I also hope that the jade will hold out long enough to protect us. After all, I have a big reason to come back now.



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