L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

November Journal

We head out on our Journey to the Shadowlands, after spending HOURS debating the best route. After Kuni Kazuma adn Kakita Hotsuma finally end their debate we head south toward Otasan Uchii. Fortunately the Jade Shugenja, Master Tomorai, saw merit in myidea about bringing a few Nezumi with us. They are immune to the taint of the Shadowlands, and my thought is that if the worst should fall, at least the rings would be able to return the the Jade Palace. My hope is that Ikrit himself will join us, but he has greater responsiblities now, so I don’t know if that will even be a possibility. We met two patrols of Tortoise clan Samurai on our journey, and though I thought to say something, perhaps it would have been inproper at this time. In the hub village I am able to work the forge a bit. It was not creating works of art, but rather functional things needed in the area. Anything I can do to help my future clan. I have neglected to mention the Ronin that now accompanies us. He is evidently touched by the kami in a way that he sees visions when touching items of importance. I wonder what would happen if he ever touched a Ring. He has a dog that travels with him. I will wait to decide how I feel about that. So far I remain unimpressed by him. He seems to defer to Kakita Hotsuma almost without thought. It was decided that a few of our number would not enter Otasan Uchii. Cowards. We head towards the Shadowlands and they a frightened of a ruined city? Bah. I understand Kazanbai’s reason for not entering. He says he has no wish to go to a place that holds so many personal demons for him. This I understand. Infact I understand it all to well. The Ronin and the Kakita are simply cowards. and to think I had started developing a touch of respect for him. I guess he will always remain a painted fopp. Unable to face true combat. Only in his ordered duels. Anyway the rest of us will head into the city. I am curious to see what the Nezumi have done in my absense.



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