Fire/Void Shugenja, Jade Magistrate, bearer of the Void Ring


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Trained in Kyuden Isawa. At a young age he showed great protential with the elements of Fire and the Void.
After completing his Gempuku he started his work studying artifacts for the phoenix. It was during this time that he lost his sight.
After working with his sensei he diveloped his magic to use the Kami as his eyes.

(In this way he sees more then most people will ever see. But at the same time, he has no way of apriciating the beautiful things in life. For example he is able to see the turmoul of emotion in a person; But is unable to read that same individuals Mon).

During his continued studies he recieves a vision from the Kami. The vision shows a Darkness consuming Rokugon from the inside as well as from without. Fearing the portence of what he has seen, he journeys to the Jade Champiagn.


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