Matsu Kana

Matsu warrior, striving to rid a family curse.


Earth: 3 (Stamina: 4 Willpower: 3)

Water: 4 (Strength: 4 Perception: 4)

Fire: 3 (Agility: 3 Intelligence:3)

Air: 3 (Reflexes: 3 Awareness: 3)

Void: 3

Glory: 2.9 (+1 w/ Nezumi) Honor: 8.6 Status: 4.6

School Abilities: Lion’s Roar, Matsu’s Fury, Lion’s Charge

Advantages: Sacred Weapon, Higher Purpose, Quick Healer

Disadvantages: Black Sheep, Lost Love

Skills: Battle: 4 Jujitsu: 2 Kenjitsu: (Focus Katana) 7 History (Lore): 2 Iajitsu: 2 Athletics: 2
Investigation: 2 Weaponsmithing: 5 Engineering: 2 Horrsemanship: 1


Matsu Kana is something of a unique samurai. Unfortunate events in his life have led Kana to judge people a little more openly, and thusly judge them by their actions. Kana’s one ruling emotion is anger. From it he finds strength. He has however made strides to try to control it as best he can. Kana has little time for court or political manuverings. He has neither the patience nor the temperment for such a false interaction. Like most of his Matsu kin, Kana sees deception as a waste of time, except on the battlefield… in theory. Thus Kana openly speaks his mind, though he’s learned there are times when not speaking is the better option.

Kana carries the Akoda blade. He has been remarked to say “It’s name is Akodo, but it’s heart is Matsu.”

A return trip to his old sensi (Matsu Kyoko) brought some peace to Kana’s soul. Showing him that he is at least on the proper path not only for him, but for his family. It also awakened a new desire in Kana; teaching. Passing his knowledge down to new warriors so they might better survive is a worthwhile goal. It also brings rare moments of true peace to Kana.

Kana is often found at a forge whenever time permits. He is honing his craft at forging blades, and honoring fallen companions at the same time. So far he has finished “Courage”, honoring the man he knew as Shoya. Shoya had the courage to strike out at Fu Leng during the Second Day of Thunder, but paid for it with his life. He is nearly complete with “Duty” honoring Neichiwei, who fell during a blood ritual. Neichiwei embodied the duty that a Samurai must endure.

Matsu Kana

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