Kuni Kazuma

Kuni Shugenja


Kazuma has strong features of father, long black hair kept loose and dingy. Built like a the kaiu wall.


Kuni Kazuma is the son of the Chosen one, Usagi Niechiwei. He was born to mother Kuni Yokiko during one of her trips into the shadowlands. Unknown to anyones knowledge after Kazuma was born he was granted protection from the Jade Oracle, Omen. At this time not much is known about Omen but Kazuma knows that he is in great debt to him and will lay his life down if it called for it. Kazuma traveled from the shawdowlands with a few comrades that survived the constant threat of oni and goblin and land attacks. A few weeks before he showed back up on the radar of Rokugan he met Omen and was giving very interesting information regarding who he was and that he was vital to saving Rokugan.

After weeks of travel he arrived at Crab lands and then more traveling he arrived at the Jade Palace to meet the rest of the chosen. He then learned that he was to take his fathers place as a chosen of the gods. He had a meeting with the chosen and with the Jade Champion where he learned a lot of interesting information including the death of his father.

Kuni Kazuma

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