L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

Caught up?

Hey Arc! You guys finished your side of the adventure, right?

Two Oni Comment

Very interesting, is this your own story?

Crystal Sword

Intriqing story thus far man! Keep it up!

Winter Break

I figured I might as well be the one to test this out.

Recap of information known to the entire party:

Matsu Kana and Bayushi Bakuryu went to Otashan Uchi and fought a tunnelling Oni who was killing off the nezumi.

Kakita Hotsuma fought in a a duel to the death with the new Tortoise Daimyo, and won.

Isawa Akira (along with Hotsuma, Rika, and Ayame) investigated the murder of the former Tortoise Daimyo

Neichiwai (who has yet to add his character…) Got married, became Mantis, trained Ide Otojiro, made Ide Otojiro a Hare clan, and then ordered his death.

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