Chris (aka Swerve)
Username: lokistang
Birthday: Between the months of January and December…..
Roleplaying Beginning:
All of my roleplaying seems to have started at GW in gurnee… I remember first sitting at the round table while Shaun was working and Bryan was looking for a very specific piece (as he always does) and flipping through the Codexs of different armies and finally picking the Eldar. From there the flood gates where open to hero quest and from there (thank you Shaun) Loki was born in a summoner campaign fighting an evil god like thing. Then from there me and Bryan got a small group of people together and began running our own games (and thus Ambrose was born). And it was all down hill from there….

Games Played: (in no particular order)
Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 Ed), Star Wars (D20), Exalted (Running counts, right?), Aberrant, Deadlands, Legend of the Five Rings, Serenity, D20 Modern, Spycraft, , Seventh Sea RPG… that may be it….

Defining Gaming Moments: (Open for other gamers to modify)

“How do we know hes truely evil?”

“Damn, alright well I will go back to the castle” (Bryan looks confused… This was an important note for me and Bryan as GM’s cause we leaned nothing is ever as planned)

Looks over at the dead body in the back “Ill drive Todds car”


L5R Rings of Fate Campaign lokistang