Hiruma Shoya

Hiruma Shoya (deceased)

Crab Clan Courier Player: JD

One of the chosen ones, Shoya was a well liked courier (not courtier) for the Crab Clan, who found himself cast far beyond the Walls in search of the legendary elemental rings. Respected for his skill with a bow, as well as the stealth with which he could traverse enemy terrain, Shoya was welcomed amongst the group, despite his occasional social faux pas. Also, the blessing of fate didn’t hurt any.

Shoya proved himself invaluable when assassins came after the heroes, and only his timely intervention spared several of his comrades from a lowly death.

Shoya bravely expired, executed for hubris. As the group strove to attain the Ring of Void during the Second Day of Thunder, they found themselves confronting none other than Fu Leng. As Fu Leng manifested in the chamber with the heroes, he came to exist directly by where Shoya had fallen in a kneel after a massive battle. In what was either an act of extreme, reckless arrogance, or perhaps motivated by an overriding sense of sacrifice, Shoya plunged a jade tipped kunai into Fu Leng’s thigh. He was instantly destroyed.

In the aftermath of his death, a new figure has emerged: Bayushi Bakuryu, the Scorpion Clan Infiltrator. It is slowly being discovered that Shoya’s past in some intimate manner ties in with that of the Scorpion, though the details thereof are still being uncovered.

Hiruma Shoya

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