The Legend of the Five Ring “Rings of Fate” Campaign

as told by Eric (GM)

A couple of things before I begin:

  1. This is my story, some of the people, places, events may have been changed for the sake of the story. Deal with it.
  2. This is an epic tale. Crazy things happen.
  3. Enjoy the ride!

Basic Description

Troubled times have befallen the world of Rokugan. The Elements and the Kami have forseen a terrible fate for all of Rokugan, unless a few worthy souls can obtain the five legendary “Rings”. These items were hidden away centuries ago, as there power was too great to remain in the hands of mortal men. Now, the time has come for these fabled artifacts to once again see the light, to prevent the darkness from claiming all.

To learn more of the story of the “Rings” and the ones chosen to claim them, go here.

The GM and Players

If you are interested in learning more about the players or GM, follow these links to learn more.

  • Eric – GM
  • Bryan – Hotsuma
  • Chris – Formally Neichiwai Currently Kuni Kazuma
  • Schreck – Kazanbai (Isawa Akira)
  • Shaun – Kana
  • JD – Bakuryu
  • David – Ryuutsume

L5R Rings of Fate Campaign

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