Bayushi Bakuryu

Scorpion Clan Transdimensional Hero



Bayushi Bakuryu of the Scorpion has just joined the chosen. Or he has been amongst the chosen all along. It is unclear exactly how he fits into the party, except that he perfectly assumes the gap left by the Crab scout, Hiruma Shoya.

Bearing numerous weapons, scars and tattoos, Bakuryu strikes a figure all together unfamiliar to the Scorpion of Rokugan. Sprawling his back over to his chest, and running down his arms is a massive scorpion. Though similar to the clan crest of the Scorpion, stylistic differences leave the design disturbingly foreign, and just slightly removed from the underhand of the Emperor.

His body is lean and young, but clearly well-worn. It bears the wear of one who spends many nights sleepless, and more nights running or fighting. His gaze is of one unaccustomed to either relaxation or well-populated zones: it flits from side to side, and he prefers to keep his back to a corner.

His man is far more familiar: it is identical to the mask worn by one of the shadowy interlopers who often intervened on behalf of the chosen of the rings. The sole difference between this mask and the one familiar to the adventurers is the deep scar-like slash across the left cheek. Bakuryu bears a scar down his left cheek that aligns with this rend perfectly.



There massive scimitar slung across his back; carved from crystal, the blade resembles the tail of a scorpion. The Scorpion, maligned though they are, are well known for their adherence to the ancient traditions, and their love of the katana and wazikashi. While Bakuryu bears both of these blades, he relies primarily upon the scimitar in combat. Perhaps fittingly, Bakuryu’s fighting style with the scimitar is also unorthodox. He wields the blade with two hands, and regularly has to throw his entire weight behind each strike, which in turn gives rise to rolling, leaping, and further acrobatics.


“Rokugan is a paradise, and, with all due respect, I know this far better than you. And you think you’re dedicated to stopping Iuchiban? You don’t know dedication, and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

Bakuryu is a mystery, confounded by his own steadfast simplicity. Bakuryu is simultaneously living in a world of black and white, and yet infinite shades of grey. To Bakuryu’s thought, there is always only one moral choice, and he does not hesitate to make that choice. But to those around him, the entire citizenry of the Empire, his actions are often indecipherable and barbaric. Those who try to understand his motives may be best served comparing his scruples to the noble Nezumi.

Bakuryu is nearly identical to Hiruma Shoya, the differences being largely in physical build, scars, and tattoos. And bearing, of course. The differences are too subtle to be enunciated: the two men are all but one-in-the-same. Despite this, Bakuryu knows nothing of Shoya, and Shoya never gave any reason to believe that he would have known anything of Bakuryu had the two met.

Bakuryu spends much of his time marveling at the common sites of the city and countryside around him. The look in his eyes often mirrors that of an artist: one who sees so much more in his surroundings than those living amongst them.

He was introduced to the chosen by the Jade Shugenja and Jade Champion. His introduction was full of the import with which each of the chosen had been introduced to one another. They have been told that Bakuryu is part of the prophecy, he too is one of the chosen. He is here to fill the gap left by Shoya. Why or how that has come to be… no one is quite sure.

Bakuryu has recounted some of his adventures before he came to join the chosen. They can be found here

Bayushi Bakuryu

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