A cynical Ronin that has been roped into helping save the world.


The man who stands before you has obviously had a rough last couple of years. It’s obvious he is a ronin due to his lack of Clan Colors or family Mon, but in his face you can see the weathering of a troubled past, with a long scar across his left eye. He wears no helm, his long black hair pulled back into a ponytail that he keeps in the style of a wolfs tail, to exemplify his ronin status, the last foot of his hair being a dirty shade of white. He wears heavily plated armor, the side and back tassets hanging well bellow his knees, and his daisho carried proudly at his hip. However, the oddest thing about him, by far, is the matte black face-mask he carries around his neck. The mask appears to be made of a dull metal and is smooth, with engravings of wide teeth carved over the mouth. The eye slot is open, and the mask covers his forehead, with long horns protruding through his bangs.
He stands solidly and confidently, and you can tell by looking at him that if you were to try to get past him to a place he doesn’t want you to be, that you’re gonna have a bit of trouble.


The ronin Ryuutsume has a history. His life has been sad, but he knows others have had worse. Born with what some would call the “Gift” of the Spirit Touch he can see the past of any item he touches, sometimes without him wanting to see. After he lost his honor he began a new life, bringing nothing but his daisho, his ancestors mask, and his loyal dog Shugurei.
Ryuutsume does not like to speak of his past. It will be known to those that he believes that he can trust and when the time comes he will reveal his past.
The only thing that needs to be known about his past is that Ryuutsume wishes to die. He feels the pain of what he has done strongly and can not deny the atrocity that he has committed. On the night he became ronin he was ready to accept Seppuku, but he was denied. Now he wanders in search of a way to atone for his wrongs. Through his curse of the Spirit Touch he has seen the quest the Ringbearers have found themselves on, and perhaps helping them will set right his past, although he doubts it.


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